Hello, my name is Teodor.

Discord: HeyItsIlic#0001


My name is Teodor and I'm an enthusiastic forums and store Specialist. I don't make people go bankrupt, therefore I'm very affordable and cheap. I started making websites when I was only 12 and I'm really good at it. On the other side, I'm also good at Discord Setups. I can setup the discord server, multiple bots and almost everything you wish for a relatively cheap price.

Forums are a important factor in every aspect of having a good communication with your clients // players or just friends. Most people are not very familiar with how to setup XenForo and that's when I come in. I always try my best to deliver a product of best quality with a blazing fast delivery.


Here is a showcase of my newest work. Be sure to check it out before ordering!

Pinecraft Equestrian
  • Done within

    5 days

  • Cost


  • Done within

    3 days

  • Cost


Insomnia Roleplay
  • Done within

    6 days

  • Cost



When it comes to pricing, keep in mind I'm very flexible with your budget and your needs. Therefore, there are no set prices for any of my services. To get a quote or order, please contact me on Discord - HeyItsIlic#0001.


If you're interested in ordering and getting a quote, please contact me from one of these below. For my Discord, hover the Discord icon and check in your bottom left of the screen to get my Discrim.